Expat Large Mortgage Loans

Our research process aims to aid your UK property purchase or assist with remortgaging your existing property.

Private banks or lenders can offer competitive mortgage products for a variety of high net worth borrowers.

Private banks are a lot more willing to consider individual financial situations and lend accordingly with a bespoke tailored product. This might mean a large mortgage amount, lending on an interest-only basis, or taking multiple income streams into consideration.

We can successfully place mortgage applications for high net worth clients, regardless of how complex their financial situation is, via our network of trusted lenders.  Our brokers are experts at helping high net worth clients who might have complex incomes. This can include bonus payments, profit-sharing agreements, or income and dividends from self-employment.

These circumstances may mean any income might fail to meet the criteria required by the high street banks, even though they can comfortably afford mortgage repayments.

If you have assets worth over £1m or are looking to borrow more than £500,000, then a private bank could be a viable option for your mortgage needs.

In many cases it makes little sense for affluent individuals to tie up vast sums of personal wealth in property when it can be working harder elsewhere.

Cherry Mortgage & Finance will guide you through the application process with the aim of negotiating the most competitive and suitable mortgage for your personal requirements so contact us today on +44 (0)1202 925365 or expat@cherryfinance.co.uk to see how we can help. 

If a mortgage is denominated in a currency other than your home currency, there is a risk that changes in the exchange rate may increase the equivalent value of the debt in terms of your home currency.

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